Unravel 4.2 Documentation

Unravel for Azure HDInsight clusters

Unravel's support on Azure HDInsight cluster comes with two installation options:

Option 1:  Unravel VM – Install Unravel as a separate Azure VM and monitor multiple HDInsight clusters.

Option 2:  Unravel App – Install Unravel app during or after creation of an HDInsight cluster.

Unravel VM vs Unravel App: 

To monitor multiple HDInsight clusters on the same virtual network, Unravel VM is a preferable way. On the other hand, to quickly try out Unravel for your on demand HDInsight cluster, you can add the Unravel app during the cluster creation or add the app anytime after a cluster is created.

Unravel app resides on the edge node of the target HDInsight cluster, and it can monitor one cluster's activities.

Installation Guide for Unravel VM

Installation Guide for Unravel App

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